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PostSubject: School of Magic   School of Magic I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 23, 2010 4:11 am

Well as you all know about Harry Potter and his adventures of Hogwarts, you should probably know what happened after he left...

Harry married his child hood sweetheart Leta Maurice and together they had a daughter Alea. Leta died after giving birth to Alea and Harry raised his daughter on his own with the help of his two best mates and Alea's godmother, who was still young and only 10 at the time, Hermione, Ron, and Hannah.

Ron and Hermione both became Auror's with Harry and helped him raise his daughter Alea who reminded him so much of her mother. Ron and Hermione had two children, Harry and Leta who are the same age as Alea.

Ron and Harry died on a misson when the children where only eleven years old. Hermione then took in Alea who refused to live with her and stayed at Potter Manor with Hannah Jasper her Godmother, who was finally old enough to take care of Alea on her own, while Hermione, Harry, and Leta lived in Grimmauld place which Alea owned.

George married Angelina and together they had four children: Fred and George (twins who are four years older than Alea, Harry, and Leta), Minerva (one year older than Alea, Harry, and Malia) and Molly (A year younger than Alea, Harry, and Leta.) They all look like their mother Angelina except for Molly who takes the Weasley red hair and freckles.

Percy married a woman named Annah and together they had Penelope who is a year older than Fred and George.

Bill and Fluer had five children, all half veela's like their mother. Bill, Ron, and Taylor (Fred and George's age), and Marina and Hermione (Alea, Leta, and Harry's age) who favored their mothers looks.

Charlie married a fellow Dragon trainer named Jillian and they had one boy named Aaron. (Alea, Harry and Leta's age.)

Draco married his childhood sweetheart Sarah Rebecca Bilon and together they had five children. Draco, Nathaniel, Zale, and Hayley (Fred and George Weasley's age) then Tristan (Alea, Harry, and Leta's age)

For awhile Hermione was Head Auror but handed it over to Hogwarts new Headmistress Hannah Jasper who was only 25 and the godmother of Hermione's old mate's daughter.

Many secrets lie in Hogwarts, and Alea, Harry, and Leta plan to find them out. Little do they know, that Voldemort has returned, Alea is the only one who can stop him, a new prophecy has been made. Who will win? Whose side are you on?


Many canons available, original characters welcome.

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