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 The O'Conner Family

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Sherlease O'Conner
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Sherlease O'Conner

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PostSubject: The O'Conner Family   The O'Conner Family I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 11, 2009 5:52 am

Here are a few pictures I put together of my family, so please enjoy!

The O'Conner Family DanielCraig

Here is my Father Kael, one of the few pictures we have that he is not covered in dirt from his work.

The O'Conner Family Rhonamitrapremierescreeningofn13-1

This beautiful woman is my mother, Mera. This was on a night she was getting reconized by the Ministry for her photos.

The O'Conner Family Seanp-1

This strange man is my older brother Nolan, he is always making sure I behave myself, whether I need it or not.

The O'Conner Family Paul_Walker-1

Now this lady's man is Colin, the second oldest and prankster of our family, he of course is always getting me involved in his schemes and I love him for it.

The O'Conner Family 3dd1-2

This is Fallon, the youngest boy and my fave. We have always done everything together and a closer pair you cannot find.

The O'Conner Family Molly-1

And this is the woman that has always kept the family running, we would all be lost without our cook and housekeeper Janice.

Well there is a little peak of my family hoped you enjoyed!

The O'Conner Family Sig11
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The O'Conner Family
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