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 Potter's Army - AU; Voldemort killed Harry, 2020 [LB]

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Potter's Army - AU; Voldemort killed Harry, 2020 [LB] Empty
PostSubject: Potter's Army - AU; Voldemort killed Harry, 2020 [LB]   Potter's Army - AU; Voldemort killed Harry, 2020 [LB] I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 07, 2009 6:21 am

Potter's Army
Potter's Army - AU; Voldemort killed Harry, 2020 [LB] Proper_Big_Advert_Picture2
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Potter's Army is a Harry potter RPG set in 2020, and it has a mixture of canon and original characters.All characters are human (witch/wizard usually), but you can be a werewolf, animagi, metamorphmagi, veela, etc. which are mentioned in the book series. It is an all-ability board, with posts all at least a paragraph long. We are an active community, and new members find it easy to settle in. It is a PG rated board.

It's 2020, and in the wizarding world everyone is afraid. The boy who lived was now the boy who had lived. Yes, Harry Potter has been murdered, and by none other than Lord Voldemort. Lord Voldemort is now trying to gain control in many places, although Hogwarts seems to remain untouched, as Headmaster Shacklebolt kept things in order. The real question is, is anyone safe? What with the forces such as Death Eaters, the Order and Dumbledore's Army as well as creatures like werewolves, everyone was somehow involved. On top of all of this, the muggles have started rebelling too. The Anti-Magic Organisation is backed by the muggle prime minister, a force which wants to wipe out all wizards.The struggle to stay alive whilst doing what is right is the battle everyone is now facing.

Fate Now Lies In Your Hands

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Potter's Army - AU; Voldemort killed Harry, 2020 [LB]
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