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 Eris Strife

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PostSubject: Eris Strife   Thu Aug 06, 2009 8:30 am

Name Eris


Year AND Age: Graduated, 40
Birthday : October 13
Blood Status: Pure
Height: 5'11"
House (Pick two, one you want and one you don't):


Hair: Black
Eye color: Blue
Other distinguishing features:
Personality: Mean, cruel, uncaring, cold, chaotic

Minor Details


-Goody goodies
-Nice people

Pets: Discord--owl
Quidditch position: N/A


Father: Damon
Mother: Darcy
Siblings: Kale (Twin brother)

History: During my year at Hogwarts I became good friends with Regulus, Bellatrix, Narcissa, Lucius and Severus. We caused so much trouble. When we graduated we all joined the Death Eaters including my twin brother. I was the Dark Lord's most loyalest follower and some times Bellatrix and I argued. She always wanted to be the best for Voldemort. After the first battle I was one of the few the didn't believe Voldemort had died so I looked for him non stop. When the Dark Lord has risen once more I continued to be his loyal servant and he entrusted me to some important missions. During the second war my brother was killed by Arianna Lestrange. After the war I didn't want to believe he was gone for good so I spent five years searching and trying every magical spell to bring him back. When nothing worked I decided that I would finish what he started. Now I am gathering followers and and starting a third war.
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Eris Strife
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