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Dani Julieas


Nicknames: Dan, Dani, Or Dj
Year AND Age: 15 5th
Birthday : July 15
Blood Status: Half blood
Height: 5 foot 6 inches
House (Pick two, one you want and one you don't): Slytherin Or Ravenclaw


Danisty Julieas Megan-fox-header

Hair: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Other distinguishing features: She wears glasses
Personality: She's very out going, she likes to speak her
mind no matter who it hurts, she's very opinionated. She can be mean
but she also has a sweet side. Her family and friends mean the world to
her. Alex is a prankster, she likes to cause/get into trouble. If she
doesn't like you she will let you know. She will act very cold and
'Bitchey' She is very honest again she doesn't care who she hurts, if
she feels the need to lie then she will

Minor Details

-Breaking Rules
-Being herself
-Helping others
-Breaking Rules

-People who don't risk anything
-worry warts
-being told what to do

Pets: Eagle owl- Rici
Wand: Phoenix feather, 10 1/4 inches, Yew, Nice and supple
Quidditch position: Beater


Father: Jarred Julieas- He was born and raised
in Russia. He attended Durmstrang where he learned the dark arts. His
family are well believers of the dark arts, they didn't believe in the
defense part of it, but Yulkivotch thought differently. Jarred was one
of the top students at Durmstrang, but he also wasn't one to mind the
rules. During the summer before his third year he went to France with
his parents, that's when he met Kaden, they kept in touch through owls,
and saw each other every summer. They fell in love. And got married
after Kaden graduated.

Mother: Kaden Julieas- Kaden and the
other women on her side, were half Veelas. She went to Beauxbatons
academy. She was entering her second year when she met Jarred. She fell
in love with him at first sight. She was an ok student, she was more of
a trouble maker, she would be the girl that had detention every night,
she loved to play quidditch.

Siblings: One Older brother, Atrayu. He's 21, and her life. He's very protective over her. He works for the Ministry.

History: Dani is from Russia, she attended Durmstrang for 4 years. and now she's attending Hogwarts.
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Danisty Julieas
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