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 Alexandria Jaden Weasley

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Alex Weasley
Alex Weasley

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PostSubject: Alexandria Jaden Weasley   Alexandria Jaden Weasley I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 05, 2009 3:09 am

Alexandria Jaden Weasley


Nicknames: Alex, Andi, Snape Or AJ
Year AND Age: 23
Birthday : January 9th- Same as her dads
Blood Status: Half
Height: 5'9


Alexandria Jaden Weasley Megan_Fox_glasses

Hair: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Other distinguishing features: She has a Russian Accent, and deep dimples when she smiles

Personality: Alex can be very mean, but yet nice. She's stern with her students. She's very Mature for her age, and she's the head of the Unknown Department at the ministry. She has a tattoo on her shoulder and one on her wrist- the one on her wrist is a heart that says dad with 59 on the right side of the heart and 07 on the left side. The on on her shoulder is a dragonfly

Minor Details


-her husband
-The rain

-Getting into trouble

-The night

-Things that go bump in the night

-being mean

-The stars



-being alone

-Giving advice

-The smell of clean linen


-The smell of rain

-Thunder/lighting storms



-Day time



-being in crowded places

-people being mean to her friends and family

-mean people, (She thinks only she has the right to do it)

-Mr/Ms. Know it alls.

-People who talk about things they don't know about

-Her husband at times

Pets: Besti A snow owl
Wand: 11 inches, Rosewood with Veela Hair Core, Thin and snappy, Good for charms

Quidditch position: She loves all, but she prefers Seeker


Father: Severus Snape- Snape was the potions teacher at Hogwarts. He Referred to himself as the Half Blood Prince. He fell in love with Lily Evans when he was younger, but never told her. To fill the void it left, he found some one else. He fell in love with her, he would always joke it was the Veela in her that made him fall.

Mother: Victoryann- She was devistated when Snape died. She's half Veela. She attended Beauxbatons Academy. After five years she has started seeing some one!

Siblings: Vincent -Vince- Twin Brother- 23

Victor-Vic- Three years older-26

Trayvon -Tray- Ty- three years younger, 20

Christian -Chris-Is five years younger than Alex. He's 18. He attended Hogwarts, but was jealous of Alex because She went to Durmstrang.

Alex's Brothers are her life, and Alex is their life. They are all hey have.

History: Alex attended Durmstrang for five years, she transferred to Hogwarts her sixth year, so she would attend the same school as her little brother. Alex was in her sixth year when George was in his seventh. They had started dating and ended up getting married a year later, secretly. No one knew. They announced their engagement a year after the war. They've been married for six years.
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Alexandria Jaden Weasley
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