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Eurydice Malfoy

Eurydice Malfoy

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PostSubject: Eurydice Malfoy   Eurydice Malfoy I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 05, 2009 1:55 am

Name Eurydice Malfoy


Year AND Age: 22
Birthday : May 1
Blood Status: Pure
Height: 5'5"
House (Pick two, one you want and one you don't): Graduated


Eurydice Malfoy 420
Eurydice Malfoy ICONATOR_86b2b072a50d3bea2ea626b143

Hair: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Other distinguishing features:
Personality: Outspoken, dare devil, can be random at times. Loyal to family and friends, caring, Has an attitude when mad.

Minor Details

-The rain
-Going for walks

-The sun
-Stuck up people

Pets: Cat named Isis
Quidditch position: N/A


Father: Trent
Mother: Anna
Siblings: None

Family History: I grew up in a pure blood family. My family were good friends with the Malfoys, but back then Draco and I didn't get along. My father and mother were death eaters and they wanted me to become one as well. I didn't want to become part of that so I ran away my sixth year. Dumbledore found me and after some convincing one of the members of the Order of the Phoenix let me stay with them. I was disowned from my family after that.

History: I was sorted into Slytherin house and for awhile I didn't make much friends. I speak my mind even if it hurts someone and because of that people didn't like to hang around me. Half way through first year I opened my mouth to a girl and said something very hurtful. She got mad and pushed me in the mud. I ran off and hid to cry. I knew I deserved it though. Draco found me and he asked what was wrong. I told him what happened. He helped me up and walked with me to our common room. After that we became close and during out fourth year we started dating. After the war with Voldemort we got married.

Goal: Eventually start a family.
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Eurydice Malfoy
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