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Thank you, NH Staff.
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 F..A..Q.. Please read!

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F..A..Q.. Please read! Empty
PostSubject: F..A..Q.. Please read!   F..A..Q.. Please read! I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 04, 2009 3:02 pm

What Is This Site?
It's a role-playing website for Harry Potter. Where you can play as a student or adult.

How Can I Join?
First you need to click Register, and register with a First and/or Last name, You do not have to have a last name. Please do not use an IM name, such as, xdanielradloverx, If you have done so, please have an admin change it.

Okay, now that I joined what next?

Well fist you go here for a non-canon character, or here for a canon character. (Click the here's) Then after you do that you will proceed to the character creations, here . After you have done all this make sure to check the Class Schedule for what day the classes are.

You said Classes, do I HAVE to go to them?

Simple, NO! BUT you must have classes to pass the next year. To advance to the next year you must have the correct amount of house points.

How many points do I have to have to pass to the next year? And how do I earn them?
1st Year: 100 points, 2nd Year: 300 points, 3rd Year: 500 points, 4th Year: 700 points, 5th Year: 900 points. 6th Year: 1200 points. 7th Year: 1500 points. You must have at least the points to pass.

How do you earn the points?
Simple, go to class. If you post in the classes you get points. And teachers will give you points when they feel the need.

How Do You Role-Play?
Role-Play (RP) is fairly simple, basically someone starts a thread and other
people can join in and write replies as though their character was
there. On this forum, refrain from using "text-talk" which is things
like "How r u?" and "c u l8r". We write as though it was a kind of
storybook. Examples can be found all around the board.

What if I only want the thread for me and my friends?
Well, all you have to do is use Parenthesizes () and put who you want in the thread, such as, A night at the lake (Headmistress Weasley and Sariah Snape)

You may also use the parenthesizes to say what type of post you like, Such as, A Night at the lake (Descriptive-No less than a paragraph.) You also use the Parenthesizes to tell us if the Topic is open or closed, Night at the lake (Close Topic)

How Many Characters Can I Have?
As many non-canon as you like, no more than two canons. But please, make sure that ALL characters remain active. If you leave a character inactive for longer than a month we will ask you to use them, or delete them, if you fail to do so with in that week, we will delete them with out another warning.

How Do I Upload An Avatar?
Go to the 'Profile' tab and then 'Avatar'. There you may upload one from your PC, or get the Http: Link and post it there. If you cannot figure it out, then simply as an Admin with the picture you want.

How Do I Write My Signature?
Same as the 'Avatar' but instead you click, 'Signature' you may use pictures but please do not make them too big.

Who Are The Forum Admins?
Headmistress Weasley is site Owner, The Main admin after her is Eris. Other Admins will have their names highlighted purple, or will be posted on the side widget once it is up.

How do I know what house I am in?
When you fill out your Character Bio, you will chose two houses, and an Admin will chose what house you're in by your characters personality. Or you can look at what color your name is and that's the house.

I can see the Common Room but not post in them.
You should be able to see them, just not post, we thought it would be more realistic that way.

How many Powers can I have?

You may only choose up to Three!

Can I be a spy for the sides?

You must talk to an admin and we will let you know.

Where do I post any questions I have?
You can create a new Topic and post them here, and we will answer as soon as possible.

Can I change my name?
You have to talk to an admin, but you may change your name up to two times only.
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F..A..Q.. Please read!
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